Top Los Angeles Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings Los Angeles


7. OB Bear Spicy Chicken Wings: Several restaurants in Koreatown feature terrific spicy fried chicken wings coated with spicy chile sauce, which often come with tangy pickled radish cubes to help counteract the heat. This K-Town pub, named for a large scale Korean brewery and lined with dark wood booths, serves some of the best. Fried chicken (and beer) is the main attraction, including spicy chicken wings ($13.70). OB Bear batters and fries the wing and piles them high, applying a sauce that turns up the chile heat with every bite.

Chicken Wings Los Angeles

8. Short Order Spicy Crispy Chicken Wings CLOSED

At this Original Farmers Market ode to Americana, chef Christian Page and right hand man Willy Barling mix house-made Willy B’s hot sauce with roasted garlic, melted butter and agave to coat the restaurant’s Spicy Crispy Chicken Wings ($7). The wings, which aren’t always available, come with a cooling house-made ranch dressing.

Chicken Wings Los Angeles

9. Sunny Spot What A Jerk Wings NO LONGER AVAILABLE

While the name doesn’t quite match the octopus dish that Roy Choi dubbed Octopi L.A. at A-Frame, his Caribbean inspired, “double coated, double fried” What A Jerk Wings ($9) are still pretty damn clever (and flavorful). He marinates the wings for a full day with an incendiary blend that includes allspice, ginger, garlic and habanero, bringing a taste of Jamaica to the Westside.



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