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At Tlayuda LA, a pair of couples are piling Oaxaca-style toasted tortillas with a wealth of ingredients in a colorful setting. Chef Martha Cruz and husband Abelardo hail from Oaxaca. Over the summer, they teamed with Laura Guerrero and husband Alejandro Tinoco, who own a tattoo parlor in Mission Hills, to launch Oaxacan restaurant in east Hollywood. The space features blue and yellow walls lined with art, six two-tops, and wood counters facing the street. Expect a pretty sizable menu of tacos and Oaxacan classics, but tlayudas are clearly the stars.

Tlayuda L.A. doesn’t make chorizo in-house, but they do fire-roast thin-sliced, marinated beef and “artfully” dry with sea salt to produce Tasajo, and marinate pork in chile powder before smoking and drying with sea salt to produce Cesina. I prefer cesina, featuring savory, fire red pork. My Double Meat Tlayuda ($12.99) came with a choice of blue corn or white corn tortilla. I chose blue corn, which was thin and chewy in the middle, with crisp, toasty edges. They slathered on a layer of black beans pureed with salt and garlic. Crisp iceberg lettuce, tomato, onion, avocado, and salty shredded Oaxacan cheese also join the fun. Each tlayuda comes with two house-made salsas, both crafted with garlic, Serrano chiles and salt. Green, also made with tomatillo and avocado, is smoother and spicier than the red salsa, which is tamed by tomato.

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Address: 5450 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90029

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