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I’ve seen the rise of super sweet ice blended coffee drinks, and shops that wouldn’t dream of sullying their cups with sugar or chocolate. At this stage, it’s hard for coffeehouse owners to carve out a new niche, but Glenn Scott Matthews and business partner Heath Kessler have found new focus at San Francisco’s Tiny Warrior Coffee: iced coffee.

Tiny Warrior Coffee features terrific graphic design from Google employee Kessler, including a flock of fun/fierce cartoon characters. The coffee bar shares a space in the Mission with Scott Ellsworth Gallery and Alite Outpost, which sells camping gear. Tiny Warrior hosts a shelf of coffee bags from rarely seen roasters like Iconik (Santa Fe), Perc (Savannah) and Panther (Miami), which are all available via pourover. A pair of vac pots pour Four Barrel and guest beans. Still, the main focus is on Signature Iced Coffee ($5) in flavors like Moroccan, Mission Mocha (made with TCHO) or Vietnamese (“triple strength”). Matthews said, “We purposefully left an espresso machine off the bar so people could see we’re doing something different.”

Moroccan ($5) features iced coffee shaken until frothy with half and half (or Califia Farms almond milk), DRAM Colorado Herbal Bitters Black, and a house-made cardamom, cinnamon and clove syrup. Other drinks tout different syrups and bitters. My first taste of Tiny Warrior iced coffee was distinctly Moroccan, with aroma I’d associate with prominent spices from that country. I look forward to experiencing different flavors and building up to “triple strength.”

Address: 3376 18th Street, San Francisoc, CA 94110

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