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Coffee Los Angeles

Tierra Mia Coffee Rice & Beans Frappe

Tierra Mia Coffee, the Latin-tinged, WiFi-averse coffee chain from Ulysses Romero that is slowly populating California with cafes, takes a hands-on approach. The company roasts coffee that Romero sources and bakes pastries in-town. I...
Coffee Los Angeles

Tierra Mia Coffee Mocha Mexicano

Tierra Mia Coffee, the hard charging specialty coffee chain from community-minded owner Ulysses Romero, took over Echo Park’s Downbeat Café in 2013. The dapper glass-fronted coffee bar fit seamlessly into the neighborhood thanks to...
Coffee Sign Los Angeles

Tierra Mia Coffee: Taking Specialty Beans for a Latin Spin

The idea of visiting KFC is about as appealing as a stick in the eye, but by swapping two letters, and with a little cosmetic surgery, Tierra Mia Coffee founder Ulysses Romero managed to...
Coffee Los Angeles

Interview: Tierra Mia Coffee founder Ulysses Romero

Ulysses Romero founded Tierra Mia Coffee in 2008 after earning an MBA from Stanford University, working as a New York financial consultant and contributing to L.A.’s non-profit sector. He now has five Latin-inflected coffeehouses,...
Coffee Los Angeles

Tierra Mia Coffeehouse Expands in Southeast L.A.

It’s been a big week for Ulysses Romero. Tomorrow, the coffee-fueled entrepreneur celebrates the second anniversary of his South Gate coffeehouse, which he named Tierra Mia. Things have been going so well that on...