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Thomas Keller

Oysters Los Angeles

Scenes from the Bouchon Beverly Hills Opening

Without Thomas Keller, Food GPS might not exist, so it was a thrill to be able to finally meet the master chef at the opening of his most recent restaurant: Bouchon Beverly Hills. He...
Bakery Napa Valley

Bouchon Bakery: Beginning a Pastry Hot Streak in Napa Valley

Over his storied career, with restaurants like The French Laundry and Per Se, Thomas Keller has gained a reputation as America’s grand master of high-end cuisine. Thankfully for food lovers, Mr. Keller is also...
Restaurant Napa Valley

Ad Hoc: Unpredictable, Family-Style Dining in the Key of Keller

When culinary legend Thomas Keller acquired Yountville Diner’s former home, he planned to transform the space into a “burgers and bottles” restaurant. In the meantime, he opened Ad Hoc, a short-term solution with a...
Restaurant Las Vegas

Bouchon: Sidestepping Vegas Glitz at Earthy Bistro with E.A.T.Z.

To begin 2005, I co-founded an eating club with three friends: Adam, Krystal and Tamara. At first, it was an excuse for us all to meet and share some exotic dishes, with no pretense....
Restaurant Business Card New York City

Per Se: Setting the Culinary Bar Above Central Park

Every person had the same response when I told them I booked a table at Per Se: “How did you get a reservation?” They’re nearly unheard of; as the restaurant has only fifteen tables,...