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Milk Kaohsiung

Kaohsiung Milk King: Where Cow Meets Papaya

The Southern Taiwan city of Kaohsiung is known for its commitment to ports, solar power and technology, and it’s also famous for a peculiar culinary specialty, papaya milk. The best known outlet is Kaohsiung...
Restaurant New Taipei City

Shi-Yang: Combining Aesthetics and Cuisine in New Taipei City

It quickly became clear as our van set off into the green mountains outside of Taipei, toward a rural area called Shixi – where the river ends – that this wasn’t going to be...
Food Taipei

Week in Pictures: Taiwan

Every week involves a steady stream of food, drinks and people. From June 23 – 30, 2012, my Taiwan experiences all took place in the cities of Taipei, Khaosiung and Tainan. Some standout meals...