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Craft Beer North of the Bay

Just north of the beautiful and foggy Golden Gate Bridge, in Sonoma County, you’ll find three very prominent California breweries.  And yet, until this year, I had never visited any of them, so last...
Cheese Sonoma County

Interview: Cowgirl Creamery co-founder Sue Conley

Since 1997, Sue Conley and business partner Peggy Smith have grown Cowgirl Creamery into one of the most recognizable cheese brands on the West Coast. Along the way, they’ve grown their creamery from Point...
Brewmaster Sonoma County

Interview: Russian River brewmaster Vinnie Cilurzo

Russian River brewmaster Vinnie Cilurzo has become a beer industry giant, but he started out making wine. It wasn’t until he grew impatient with the fermentation process that he embraced beer. The self-taught brewer...
Brewery Logo Sonoma County

Russian River Brewing Company: Drinking Craft Beer in Waves

If beer geeks ever decide to chisel a Mt. Rushmore of California brewmasters, there’s a good chance that Vinnie Cilurzo will make the cut. He started in San Diego at Blind Pig, where many...
Brewery Sign Sonoma County

Bear Republic Brewing Co.: Heaping Hops on Healdsburg [CLOSED]

In the West Coast hop wars, Bear Republic Brewing Company is known for packing some serious artillery. We drove north from Lagunitas Brewing Company to taste some of the Bear’s bolder beers, some hoppy,...
Seafood Sonoma County

Zazu: Going Garden to Table on Santa Rosa Outskirts

Drive west from downtown Santa Rosa and strip malls soon give way to fields. Before long, you’ll encounter Zazu, a market-driven restaurant on the outskirts of town that captures Sonoma County’s essence, with many...