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Vietnamese Food Orange County

Shaoyin Phung Glutinous Rice Balls (Food of the Week)

Little Saigon has so many treasures to reveal. Often, it’s just a matter of timing and proximity. On my most recent visit to the Vietnamese culinary Mecca, I met Shaoyin Phung, who sets up...
Mochi Sign Hawaii

Two Ladies Kitchen: Traditional Japanese Confections in Hilo

It’s always good to have two things on your side when traveling: luck and timing. On Hawaii’s Big Island, a beloved mochi confectionary with a small pink counter called Two Ladies Kitchen isn’t typically...
Farmers Market Big Island

Volcano Village Farmers’ Market: Building on Big Island Magma

My first morning in Hawaii involved a drive down the east coast of the Big Island along Highway 11 to visit the Volcano Village Farmers’ Market. It was worth an early wake up call...
Japanese Bakery Los Angeles

Sakura-Ya: Munching on Mochi in the South Bay

Mas Fujita and brother Yuki arrive every day at 4 AM to make mochi and manju from old family recipes. During the holidays, they begin as early as 2 AM. They learned their craft...
Mochi Sacramento

Osaka Ya – Sacramento, CA

Osaka Ya, a nondescript bakery in a small Japanese enclave in Sacramento, holds a delicious surprise. In a glass case at the center of the store are row upon row of fresh-baked mochi (rice...