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Pizza Oven Las Vegas

The Cosmopolitan provides a pizza oasis for people in the know.

Even though we just finished consuming almost every possible pig part at All-Star Cochon and followed that up with The Cosmopolitan‘s official poolside after party, it was still impossible to resist a late night stop at the nameless, signless pizzeria on the third floor of the hotel’s East Tower.

The “secret” pizzeria resides at the end of a hallway that’s lined by album covers and sandwiched between Jaleo and Blue Ribbon Sushi.

Pinball Machines Las Vegas

Walk toward the light and find a room with white tile walls, old pinball machines and video games, including a stand-up Galaga machine.

A black-and-white mural depicts Lombardi’s, a century-old New York spot that evidently inspired the pizzeria.

They’ve got a few stools at the marble counter that wraps around the wall. Otherwise, stand and eat or grab and go, just like in New York. The other thing that looked familiar from my Tri-State days were the hats on pizzaiolos, which sported Yankees and Mets logos.

The pizzeria-that-shall-not-be-named is ostensibly a slice joint, with a menu that costs $3.25 per slice, or $3.75 with one topping, which would be pretty pricey in the outside world. It’s a better value to order a whole pie, which is 18 inches, yields 10 slices and costs $18.50 for regular cheese, $24 for three toppings and $28 for five toppings. Beyond that, it’s another $2.25 per topping. They use a gas deck oven, just like most pizzerias in my home state of New Jersey.

Pizza Las Vegas

We arrived just in time to eat a fresh-from-the-oven white pizza with bubbling ricotta and mozzarella.

My slice was oily, with a somewhat dry crust, but very similar to the pizza I used to eat as a kid in New Jersey at Dimaio’s, so it was still above average and pretty satisfying.

Pizza Las Vegas

A whole regular cheese pie ($23) with tomato sauce and molten mozzarella allowed for toppings. We opted for herbaceous slices of loosely packed beef meatball and nearly caramelized sausage sheets. The sauce and meat definitely took the slices to another level.

They have a pair of beers on tap, PBR and a surprisingly good mainstream craft beer, Stone IPA. Pizza and beer? Hell yeah. They also offer New York cheesecake and cannolis for dessert, which probably would have been a good idea, since good versions are hard to come by in Los Angeles.

This wasn’t elite pizza, but was well above average, and their slices would probably still draw customers in New York, and could easily rate with some of the better pizzerias in Los Angeles.

Note: Our meal at the pizzeria was complimentary, as part of a stay hosted by The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas for out-of-town writers.

Pizzeria at The Cosmopolitan: So Much For What Stays in Vegas


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This secret pizzeria is probably my new favorite place in Vegas. I agree with you it’s probably not elite pizza on a national level but it’s definitely some of the best in Vegas. Nice photos. My only gripe is the pepperoni is not zesty enough.

Thanks, Best Pizza in Las Vegas. With a site like yours, you would know better than me where The Cosmo’s pizza ranks.

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