Joe Keeper’s San Francisco Bar Crawl: Alembic

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Photo by Natalie Bovis-Nelsen

A great thing about San Francisco is that you can get an exceptional cocktail in the daytime. This might not seem like much until you’re home in Los Angeles looking for same and find that many places don’t open until 8 p.m. Along with having hospitable hours, The Alembic in the Haight has a kitchen that provides tasty accompaniments for their cocktails. We visited on a Sunday afternoon.

Besides, my favorite of all times, the Sazerac, I had an exceptional cocktail called “Welcome Stranger.” Here’s the recipe:

1/6 ounce grenadine
1/6 ounce lemon juice
1/6 ounce orange juice
1/6 ounce gin
1/6 ounce Swedish Punch/Punsch
1/6 ounce brandy

Shake with Ice. Strain into a cocktail glass.

According to Wikipedia, “Punsch (also known as Arrack Punch, Caloric Punch, Punch or Punsch) is a traditional liqueur in Sweden and to a lesser extent some other Nordic countries produced from arrack, neutral spirits, sugar, water, and various flavorings.”

P.S. Punsch is difficult to find…

Joe Keeper owns Bar Keeper in Silver Lake

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