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Within hours of landing in Singapore, I set out for the locally famous Tai Hwa Pork Noodle, according to a five year old issue of Gourmet, located in the Marina Square food court. Sadly, a mall security guard informed me that Tai Hwa was no more. Thankfully, I discovered local food maven Makansutra and his guide to Singapore restaurants. He revealed the new location: off North Bridge Road, in an eating house food stall.

Chef Singapore
Behind the counter, the Tai Hwa Pork Noodle noodle master ladled bowls of noodles for a long line of customers, smiling and greeting each person. When I finally reached the head of the line, I was given three choices: soup or dry; spicy or not; and thin, broad or rice noodles. I went broad, spicy and dry.

Chinese Food Singapore
The homemade, fettuccini-like noodles were tossed in a bowl of spicy vinegar-chili sauce and topped with an array of pig parts: ground pork, grilled slices of pork, a pork meatball, crispy bits of fried pig skin, funky sliced pork liver, and for a dollar extra, three pork wontons. Only then did my bill reach S$5. The hog, mixed with that great sauce, top noodles, and a slice of dried fish, formed a sensational bowl of food.

I washed it down with a can of Kickapoo Joy Juice, a soda I never thought I’d find internationally.


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