Food of the Week: The Playground Three-Cheese Cheesecake

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Food of the Week: The Playground Three-Cheese Cheesecake
The Playground
220 E 4th Street
Santa Ana, CA 92701
714 560 4444
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Chef Jason Quinn and his crew at The Playground in downtown Santa Ana seriously over-deliver during their high value Sunday Suppers, which cost only $40, INCLUDING tax and tip. During my first family style experience at the DTSA restaurant, a whopping 16 plates made their way to our table, and they even offered refills (when available). Insane!

After we laid waste to a pork chop that was practically knee-high, a pile of Uncle Lou’s fried chicken and a half-rack of misoyaki pork ribs, to name just three dishes, Chef Quinn ceded the floor to pastry chef Ashley Guzman, who delivered four desserts, none better than the three-cheese cheesecake. The fluffy, slightly tangy wedge combined mascarpone, goat cheese and Philadelphia cream cheese. Whipped cream and honeycomb flanked the wedge, and toasted pine nuts rested up top, along with a light dusting of confectioner’s sugar. David, a member of our group, requested another slice of cheesecake (because he could), and our server asked, “Would that make you feel better or worse?” Better!


  1. Al in SoCal says:

    Checked out a couple of these Food of the Week articles, but I’m really disappointed they don’t include the recipes. =(


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