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Fifth Amendment Alehouse combines a rotating craft beer selection with exotic burgers.

For months, Eater LA correspondent Yolanda Evans kept telling me about The Fifth Amendment Alehouse in Santa Monica. On September 1, Dan Petrovich and wife Eden Noe finally soft opened in the former home of Evergreen Tea House, featuring 20 beers on draught, including Stone 13th Anniversary Ale, Telegraph White, Duchesse de Bourgogne and Schneider Aventinus. You’ll also find 31 bottles. Think Affligem Trippel Abbey Ale, Lost Coast Great White and Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA.

Food wise, expect a compact menu that features “exotic burgers” like bison, lamb and free-range beef, plus artisanal sausages (venison with merlot & blueberries, pheasant with Cognac) and more traditional fare like quesadillas and“gourmet macaroni & cheese in stylish bowl.” They plan to offer llama burgers at The Fifth Amendment Alehouse, sourced from Northern California, but are still on the fence about serving yak meat. According to Dan Petrovich, “We want to stay just right to the edge of mainstream.” That credo applies to their craft beer selection as well.


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