Endorffeine Tamarind Thai Basil Tea

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A few things don’t quite ring true with Endorffeine‘s Tamarind Thai Basil Tea ($4.25). For instance, barista Jack Benchakul’s modern, glass-fronted coffee bar in L.A. Chinatown‘s Far East Plaza is designed to drive endorphins with support from caffeine. This tea has no caffeine, and technically isn’t even a tea, since there are no tea leaves in sight. However, Benchakul’s caffeine-free tisane is still able to generate serious refreshment and big flavor, which are both much more essential on hot summer days than fact-checking menu listings.

Benchakul combines tangy tamarind, savory Thai basil, ginger and a hint of honey to form an easy sipping drink that isn’t too sweet and comes available either iced or hot. I’d recommend ice, and sipping through a candy colored straw. Will this drink get your heart racing? No. Is this even tea? No. Should either revelation bother you? No.

Address: 727 N Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90012

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