San Gabriel Valley

Waffle Los Angeles

New Fusion Hong Kong Style Egg Waffles (Food of the Week)

New Fusion in Arcadia is a sprawling Hong Kong style café that opened in 2014 and features BBQ meats up front, dim sum, and a huge menu of Chinese and Western-ish food. The owners...
Tea Los Angeles

Bubble Crush Roasted Oolong Tea with Cheese Foam (Drink of the Week)

Have you heard the joke about the polar bear and the giant squid? Neither have I, but Bubble Crush depicts both fearsome creatures within painted cutouts on a white brick wall. There has to...
Chinese Food Los Angeles

Mr. Chopsticks Seafood & BBQ Roasted Squab (Food of the Week)

Mr. Chopsticks Seafood & BBQ may be the only Chinese restaurant in the San Gabriel Valley with an on-site garden. The relatively new establishment resides in the back corner of El Monte’s Union Plaza...
Coffee Los Angeles

Intelligentsia Coffee Limelight (Drink of the Week)

Intelligentsia Coffee has been a caffeinated force in Los Angeles since launching at Sunset Junction in 2007. At cafes in Silver Lake, Pasadena and Venice, Intelligentsia has become a trusted source for seasonal coffee,...
Mexican Food Los Angeles

Mercado Chile Verde Estilo Arco Iris (Dose of Vitamin P)

Cocinas y Calaveras founder Jesse Gomez and chef/partner Jose Acevedo opened a new Pasadena branch of Mercado at The Commons on South Lake in April 2018. The journey is full-circle for Gomez, who worked...
Coffee Los Angeles

Ambrose Cafe Ambrosia (Drink of the Week)

In Greek mythology, Ambrosia is the nectar of the gods. Doves would deliver this magical elixir to Mount Olympus for Zeus and his siblings to enjoy. Somehow, Midcentury Americans reinterpreted this concept as a...