Breakfast Sandwich Los Angeles

10 Top Los Angeles Breakfast Sandwiches

The fillings and bread vary, but the effect is often the same. A great breakfast sandwich provides a comforting base for the day and contributes plenty of calories to fuel productivity. Learn about 10...
Restaurant Sign Los Angeles

The Spice Table (Brunch): As Asian As You Want to Be [CLOSED]

Metro Regional Connector project and plumbing issues be damned. Chef Bryant Ng and wife Kim have overcome several challenges and are forging ahead with Saturday brunch at The Spice Table, which runs the spectrum...
Breakfast Sandwich Atlanta

Highland Bakery Breakfast Sandwich (Dose of Vitamin P)

Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward neighborhood is on the rise, and Highland Bakery owner Stacey Eames has been a big part of the process, packing her bakery cafe while opening two additional branches. The low-slung...
Restaurant Sign Tainan

Sheng Li: Victorious Tainan Breakfast

FTW, or For The Win, has become a frequent online refrain. Sheng Li, which translates to English as “victory” and goes by Sheng Li Breakfast/Late Snack (勝利早點/宵夜), certainly made an early morning win possible...
Hamburger Los Angeles

The Tasting Kitchen (Brunch): Dialing in a Hybrid Meal

The Westside of Los Angeles has a thing for hybrids. No wonder so many Priuses (or is it Prii?) are silently traversing mean streets like Montana, San Vicente and Abbot Kinney. That fact also...
Restaurant Sign Taipei

Fu Hang: Bargain Taiwanese Breakfast With Artisanal Touch

I was still woozy from a trans-Pacific voyage on China Airlines, but as soon as wheels touched ground at Taoyuan Airport, the first thing we had in mind was finding food. It was oppressively...