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Karena Higgins specializes in “the OG tart from Canada” at Butter Tart in Glassell Park.

Karena Higgins opened her Glassell Park bakery on November 4, deriving the name Butter Tart from “the OG tart from Canada” that’s made using brown sugar and butter. She sells plenty of butter tarts and also produces a version with bacon.

Higgins and baker Linda Ochoa, previously with Whole Foods Pasadena, aren’t just producing butter tarts. The duo also churns out Colossal Coffee Cake, Egg/Bacon/Parmesan Breakfast Tarts, Date & Manchego Pockets, Pumpkin 5 Spice Cupcakes and Cherry Pistachio Scones, to name just five options.

Coffee Cake Los Angeles

“Colossal” might not do Butter Tart’s coffee cake justice.

“Glassell Park lacked a gathering place, a community spot that didn’t have ‘public storage’ or ‘senior activity center’ plastered on its front entrance,” said Higgins. Her goal with Butter Tart is “to provide superb, local coffee and yummy, delicious treats to its diverse Los Angeles community by way of Canada and the Philippines,” reflecting Higgins’ own background.

The former Filipino restaurant features a contemporary design with cardboard moose “hunting trophies” and a mountain-scape mural. Butter Tart also presents ‘Fill-In-The-_____” Gallery/Studio Space. It is next door. Higgins’ intention is to spotlight local artists, performers, teachers, etc. She’s currently accepting submissions for the gallery’s January launch.

Butter Tart makes coffee, espresso and tea drinks using Groundwork beans and leaves. Two signature drinks are the Grubby Goose, a variation on the affogato, and Vietnamese Iced Coffee.


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