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Pork Chop Los Angeles

Elena’s Greek-Armenian Pork Chops (Dose of Vitamin P)

It’s now been well over a decade since my first visit to Elena’s Greek Armenian Cuisine, an institution from Elena Pitkyan and her family on a residential stretch of Glendale that dates to 1976....
Bakery Los Angeles

Mush Bakery: Turning to Armenian Tradition for Flat Inspiration

Fresh-baked Middle Eastern flatbreads have been a staple of Little Armenia since the mid ’80s, when bakeries like Arax and Sasoun first fired up their massive ovens. Now the neighborhood, located between Hollywood and...
Restaurant Sign Los Angeles

Raffi’s Place: A Persian Patio with Armenian Heart in Glendale

In a city like Glendale, home to the second largest Armenian population in the U.S., it can be tricky to figure out what distinguishes certain kebab houses. While kebabs are the core product, it’s...
Church Los Angeles

Montebello Armenian Food Fair & Fest

Montebello’s Holy Cross Armenian Apostolic Cathedral hosts the Armenian Food Fair & Fest on June 6. Several Armenian specialties are available, including flame-licked beef, chicken, pork or lamb kebabs, served with rice pilaf, salad...
Bakery Pasadena

Koko’s Bakery: Head to the Hills for Armenian Flatbreads

It was a sweltering day in the San Gabriel foothills, and the mammoth silver oven at the back of Koko’s Bakery was at full blast, but the Armenian baked goods were so good that...
Bakery Sign Los Angeles

Sasoun Bakery: Baking Up Savory Armenian Empire

Glendale is a larger and better-known Armenian hub within Los Angeles, but the city’s top Armenian bakeries reside in the East Hollywood enclave known as Little Armenia. Sasoun Bakery and Arax Bakery share supremacy...