7 Leaves Cafe Mung Bean Milk Tea

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There are so many tea parlors and boba bars in Little Saigon that it can be tough for them to stand out. Family-run 7 Leaves Cafe started small with a tiny but contemporary café in a Garden Grove strip mall, and thanks to their quality, focus and value, they’ve now got two Garden Grove locations, with a Cypress branch on the way.

Sure you can snag Thai iced tea or Vietnamese iced coffee from their LCD menu, but where 7 Leaves shines is with a small selection of herbal and tuber-filled drinks starring Japanese matcha, taro, or my personal favorite: Mung Bean Milk Tea ($2.95). Staffers brew loose-leaf jasmine tea with earthy cooked, strained and blended mung beans and grassy, aromatic pandan leaves. The leaves lend an enlightening touch to the pastel green drink, which arrives over crushed ice. If you care to embellish your drink, add boba or “sea cream,” a salty house-made whipped cream cap. Even if you stick to a basic version, 7 Leaves Café’s Mung Bean Milk Tea is a great option after a flavorful meal in the neighborhood.


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