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In Los Angeles, cookies appear in all sorts of shapes and sizes and pack plenty of different ingredients, but regardless of the composition, all 16 cookies satisfy. Cookies appear in alphabetical order, and yes, they’re subject to availability.

Farmshop – Lemon Cookie Sandwich

Cookie Los Angeles

Farmshop Pastry Chef and Head Baker Brittainy Turnquist crafted a sweet tart lemon cookie sandwich with tangy raspberry jam that somehow doesn’t taste too sweet.

Forage – Pecan Cookie

Cookie Los Angeles

At Jason Kim’s seasonal Silver Lake café, he crafts a gritty, chewy Pecan Cookie ($2.25) from chopped pecans that are bound with egg and brown sugar.

Four Café – Chocolate Chip Cookie

Cookie Los Angeles

This Eagle Rock café from Michelle Wilton and husband Corey channels the seasons. They clearly pray to the cookie gods, since their buttery chocolate chip cookie with bittersweet chocolate and a hit of Maldon sea salt is divine.



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[…] GPS posted a Top 16 Cookies in LA list, yum. I don’t think I’ve tried ONE SINGLE COOKIE on there– totally bonkers. […]

It sounds exciting to live in the L.A. area. Josh, you make the foods more enticing with your website & samplings. Thanks for keeping all of us informed!

I think you forgot the chocolate chunk cookie at Thyme in Santa Monica. The perfect balance of sweet and salty, chewy innards with crunchy edges. I’ve searched high and low for the perfect chocolate chip cookie and this is heaven. And they sell the frozen dough to take home and bake yourself. I always have some in my freezer.


I did try a cookie at Thyme during my research. It was pretty good, but my goal was to spotlight great cookies in different categories, and Four Cafe already had chocolate on lock.

If the one at Four Cafe is better than the one at Thyme, then I need to try it!

Erin, try the chocolate chip cookie at Four Cafe and let me know what you think. Somebody also suggested Vosges in the comments section on my Facebook Page.

Sweet guide!


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I love this list. I’m going to have to go on a cookie crawl soon. Thanks Josh!

Rochelle, glad you like the list. Enjoy your cookie crawl!


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[…] This story comes courtesy of Food GPS. […]


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