Pig Image Gallery (Part 3)

By Joshua Lurie | October 25, 2011 0 comments
Pig Image Gallery (Part 3)

Pigs have never been more popular. They’re appearing on menus and fueling concepts at a record pace, entrepreneurs are hosting pig-focused events like Cochon 555, and a cottage industry has sprouted up to portray the prized animal in an often artistic light, not only to help market the meat, but also to celebrate this glorious animal. We already posted Pig Image Gallery and We already posted Pig Image Gallery (Part 2) and plan to add more pig photos as we encounter some of the more inspiring porcine imagery.

September 9, 2011Beachwood BBQ featured Portland’s Cascade Brewing for their most recent Sour Fest, and near the entrance, a blackboard hinted at the arrival of P2, Porkment Day. After all, Beachwood isn’t just a craft beer haven, it’s also “where the fork meets the pork.”

September 12, 2011 – Karen Klemens relies on cows to produce market-driven ice cream at Mother Moo Creamery in Sierra Madre, but pigs still managed to sneak into the décor.

September 28, 2011Shirokiya is a branch of Japan’s oldest department store located in Honolulu’s massive Ala Moana Center. They feature a two-story food court, including booths devoted to individual animals, including Pork.

September 29, 2011The Modern Honolulu housed a boutique shop with a row of shimmering pig statuettes who looked like they were ready to hit Waikiki’s clubs.

October 2, 2011 – One of my only Hawaiian regrets – if you could even call it that – was not eating at Tonkatsu Ginza Bairin, which offers six grades of [fried] Kurobuta pork in Waikiki.

October 8, 2011 – Tijuana’s Avenida Revolucion cuts through the border city’s downtown tourist zone, and it’s also the home to Porky’s Place, a building with a 3D pig head.

October 14, 2011FIG Santa Monica executive chef isn’t shy about his interest in pork, and as a result, the dining room features several pigs, including this metal specimen with a bouncy tail.

October 20, 2011Fluff Ice is fairly new to Monterey Park, and they feature shaved ice desserts, plus a couple kid-friendly figurines near the register, including a pig.


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